A Little Bit About Us

Smart Finance for Intelligent Growth

Fortune Leasing offers fast equipment leasing and structured project financing solutions based on full-disclosure. We make the whole financing process transparent so that you can clearly see the options, structure, detail, and benefits of accessing low-cost capital through us. 

Think of us as a strategic business-building tool for proactively growing your organization. Being able to see what clearly is critical to moving forward quickly with confidence. 

Experience Allows Flexibility In Meeting Your Financing Needs

Fortune Leasing has proven expertise in customizing financing for maximum flexibility to meet specific needs.

Today, Fortune Leasing can cover requirements from $50,000 to more than $100 million. 

As a Canadian owned company, we know the credit environment. We make and administer financing decisions locally. With Fortune Leasing, you’ll get a fast response so you can seize opportunities as they arise. 

Building Mutual Trust

Fortune Leasing is about establishing lasting relationships based on mutual trust. Because we take time to learn your business, we can create a fiscally responsible finance and lease programs that deliver better value over time, strengthening your ability to reduce costs and compete more effectively. 

Fortune Leasing also reduces your administrative burden. As a third party provider of both capital and operating leases, we can provide time and cost saving umbrella coverage that reduces the number of leases and lease relationships you have to manage - as well as financing rates. 

Fortune Leasing deals proactively with your chosen vendor(s)/reseller(s) to ensure that you avoid obsolescence and incompatibility while getting equipment and support that you need to grow your business - and flexibility to change as desired.